PhD Students


Undergraduates and Master Students

Benedikt WibergBachelor ThesisTemporally-coherent Stereo Matching
Andrei BurovGuided ResearchHuman Body Tracking with Data-driven Trackers
Eunah JungGuided ResearchMulti-view Feature Matching for 3D Reconstruction
Guy GafniGuided ResearchData-driven Face Tracking and Reconstruction
Jacob LydonGuided ResearchGenerative Prediction of Feature Matching
James GrayGuided ResearchCrowdsourcing Structual Elements in 3D Scans
Yawar SiddiquiGuided ResearchCrowdsourcing Joint 2D-3D Annotation for 3D Scans
Yasaman RajaeeInterdisciplinary Research ProjectReal-time Face Tracking with Deep Learning
Aysim TokerMaster ThesisVideo Segmentation with Multi-dimensional Deep Neural Networks
Haris JabbarMaster ThesisDomain Adaption between Real and Synt using GANs
Jude NgMaster ThesisLearning Patch-Match Correspondences in Image and Volumetric Domains
Karim TarekMaster ThesisFast Dense Facial Tracking using Learned Residuals
Manuel DahnertMaster ThesisTransfer Learning between Real and Synthetic Data
Maximilian TheilerMaster ThesisSemantic Scene Understanding of 3D Scans
Rupal JainMaster ThesisLocalization in 3D Environments using Deep Learning
Sebastian OttenMaster ThesisA Domain-Specific Language for Real-Time Optimization


NamePeriodPosition(with us)Went to...
Arnab Gosh2017InternshipUniversity of Oxford (PhD)
Ghada Sokar2017InternshipCairo University
Viveka Kulharia2017InternshipUniversity of Oxford (PhD)