Name: Simon Giebenhain
Position: Ph.D Candidate
E-Mail: TBD
Phone: TBD
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Hi, I’m Simon. My main research interests are neural scene representations, neural rendering and geomeric deep learning. Prior to joining the Visual Computing Lab as a PhD. student under the supervision of Prof. Matthias Nießner, I completed my Bachelors and Masters in computer science at the University of Konstanz in the Computer Vision and Image Analysis Group of Prof. Bastian Goldlücke. During my Bachelors degree I visited the University of Toronto for two semesters as an exchange student. Homepage

Research Interest

3D Reconstruction, Neural Fields, Neural Rendering, Generative Modeling, Geometric Deep Learning



Learning Neural Parametric Head Models
Simon Giebenhain, Tobias Kirschstein, Markos Georgopoulos, Martin Rünz, Lourdes Agapito, Matthias Nießner
CVPR 2023
We present Neural Parametric Head Models (NPHMs) for high fidelity representation of complete human heads. We utilize a hybrid representation for a person's canonical head geometry, which is deformed using a deformation field to model expressions. To train our model we captured a large dataset of high-end laser scans of 120 persons in 20 expressions each.
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