PhD Students


Undergraduates and Master Students

Arda KeskinerGuided ResearchSequence-to-sequence modeling for mesh generation 2019Ongoing
Balamurugan ThambirajaGuided ResearchParametric Models for Hands and Faces2019Ongoing
Hongjia WanGuided ResearchDeep Learning for SDF Reconstruction2019Ongoing
Huimin ZengGuided ResearchAffinity-based Semantic Instance Segmentation2019Ongoing
Shraddha BeeduGuided ResearchDeep Re-Lighting2019Ongoing
Tran Thi Kim TamGuided Research3D Instance Segmentation on Point Clouds2019Ongoing
Alexander ZhuMaster ThesisLearning the Prediction of Signed Distance Fuctions2019Ongoing
Andrei BurovMaster ThesisNeural Rendering of Human Bodies2019Ongoing
Angela DenningerMaster ThesisNon-rigid Deformations on Human Faces2019Ongoing
Anshul SharmaMaster ThesisDeep Learning for Facial Landmark Tracking2019Ongoing
Arvind SomasundaramMaster ThesisNeural Rendering for Dense Pose Predictions2019Ongoing
Christian DillerMaster ThesisSparse-to-Dense Surface Prediction with DL2019Ongoing
Christian HollandMaster ThesisUnsupervised Digitial Forgery Detection2019Ongoing
Enes TeverMaster ThesisDense Depthmap Prediction from Sparse LIDAR Input2019Ongoing
Gaurav KumarMaster ThesisGraph-based Semantic Instance Segmentation2019Ongoing
James GrayMaster ThesisLearning to Reconstruct Structural CAD Elements in 3D Scans2019Ongoing
Juan Raul Padron GriffeMaster ThesisDeep Learning for Relighting of 3D Objects2019Ongoing
Michael SchusterMaster ThesisDeep Reinforcement Learning for 3D Scanning2019Ongoing
Shivangi AnejaMaster ThesisSelf-supervised Forgery Detection on Videos2019Ongoing
Yawar SiddiquiMaster ThesisAI-Assisted Labeling of Large Datasets2019Ongoing
Yingyu WuMaster ThesisCycleGANs for Shape Completion2019Ongoing
Haris JabbarMaster ThesisDomain Adaption between Real and Synt using GANs2018Ongoing
Jude NgMaster ThesisLearning Patch-Match Correspondences in Image and Volumetric Domains2017Ongoing
Henrique OreficeGuided Research3D Completion on Objects with Color Information2019Completed
Benedikt WibergBachelor ThesisTemporally-coherent Stereo Matching2018Completed
Tobias HollBachelor ThesisAdaptive Sampling of Frames for Bundle Fusion2018Completed
Andrei BurovGuided ResearchHuman Body Tracking with Data-driven Trackers2018Completed
Eunah JungGuided ResearchMulti-view Feature Matching for 3D Reconstruction2018Completed
Guy GafniGuided ResearchData-driven Face Tracking and Reconstruction2018Completed
Jacob LydonGuided ResearchGenerative Prediction of Feature Matching2018Completed
James GrayGuided ResearchCrowdsourcing Structual Elements in 3D Scans2018Completed
Pablo Rodriguez-PalafoxGuided ResearchLearning 3D Flow from Points and Voxels2018Completed
Yawar SiddiquiGuided ResearchCrowdsourcing Joint 2D-3D Annotation for 3D Scans2018Completed
Balamurugan ThambirajaInterdisciplinary Research ProjectDouble Fusion2018Completed
Yasaman RajaeeInterdisciplinary Research ProjectReal-time Face Tracking with Deep Learning2018Completed
Aysim TokerMaster ThesisVideo Segmentation with Multi-dimensional Deep Neural Networks2018Completed
Karim TarekMaster ThesisFast Dense Facial Tracking using Learned Residuals2018Completed
Rupal JainMaster ThesisLocalization in 3D Environments using Deep Learning2018Completed
Manuel DahnertMaster ThesisTransfer Learning between Real and Synthetic Data 2017Completed
Maximilian TheilerMaster ThesisSemantic Scene Understanding of 3D Scans2017Completed
Sebastian OttenMaster ThesisA Domain-Specific Language for Real-Time Optimization 2017Completed


NamePeriodPosition(with us)Went to...
Itzik Ben Shabat2018Research VisitTechnion – Israel Institute of Technology
Jingwei Huang2018Research VisitStanford University
Lei Han2018Research VisitHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Vassilis Choutas2018Research VisitMPI Intelligent Systems
Xiaochen Fan2018Research VisitShenzhen VisuCA Key Lab/SIAT
Yu-Shiang Wong2018Research VisitUniversity College London
Arnab Gosh2017InternshipUniversity of Oxford (PhD)
Ghada Sokar2017InternshipCairo University
Viveka Kulharia2017InternshipUniversity of Oxford (PhD)