CAD-Deform: Deformable Fitting of CAD Models to 3D Scans
Vladislav Ishimtsev1     Alexey Bokhovkin1     Alexey Artemov1     Savva Ignatiev1     Matthias Nießner2     Denis Zorin3     Evgeny Burnaev1    
    1Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Russia     2Technical University of Munich     3New York University
ECCV 2020

Shape retrieval and alignment are a promising avenue towards turning 3D scans into lightweight CAD representations that can be used for content creation such as mobile or AR/VR gaming scenarios. Unfortunately, CAD model retrieval is limited by the availability of models in standard 3D shape collections (e.g., ShapeNet). In this work, we address this shortcoming by introducing CAD-Deform, a method which obtains more accurate CAD-to-scan fits by non-rigidly deforming retrieved CAD models. Our key contribution is a new non-rigid deformation model incorporating smooth transformations and preservation of sharp features, that simultaneously achieves very tight fits from CAD models to the 3D scan and maintains the clean, high-quality surface properties of hand-modeled CAD objects. A series of thorough experiments demonstrate that our method achieves significantly tighter scan-to-CAD fits, allowing a more accurate digital replica of the scanned real-world environment while preserving important geometric features present in synthetic CAD environments.